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 * setting.h

#ifndef SETTING_H
#define SETTING_H

#include "defines.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qfont.h>
#include <qcolor.h>
#include <qpixmap.h>
//#if (QT_VERSION < 0x030000)
//#include <qsortedlist.h>
#include <qptrlist.h>

// delimiters for variables in settings file
// however, this character must not be used in parameters, e.g. host
#define DELIMITER ":"

class Setting;
extern Setting *setting;
class qGo;
class ClientWindow;
class ImageHandler;

class Parameter
      Parameter(const QString&, const QString&);
      ~Parameter() {};
      QString key() const { return k; }
      QString txt() const { return t; }
      void setPar(const QString &key, const QString &txt) { k = key; t = txt; }
      // operators <, ==
      int operator== (Parameter h)
            { return (this->key() == h.key()); };
      int operator== (Parameter *h)
            { return (this->key() == h->key()); };
      int operator< (Parameter h)
            { return (this->key() < h.key()); };
      int operator< (Parameter *h)
            { return (this->key() < h->key()); };

      QString k;
      QString t;

class Setting : public Misc<QString>

      bool writeEntry(const QString&, const QString&);
      bool writeBoolEntry(const QString &s, bool b) { return writeEntry(s, (b ? "1" : "0")); }
      bool writeIntEntry(const QString &s, int i) { return writeEntry(s, QString::number(i)); }
      QString readEntry(const QString&);
      bool readBoolEntry(const QString &s)
            QString e = readEntry(s);
            return (e && (e == "1"));
      int  readIntEntry(const QString &s)
            bool ok;
            QString e = readEntry(s);
            if (!e)
                  return 0;
                  int i = e.toInt(&ok);
                  if (ok)
                        return i;
                        return 0;
      void clearList(void);

      void loadSettings();
      void saveSettings();
      QString fontToString(QFont);
      void updateFont(QFont&, QString);

      ASCII_Import *charset;
      bool addImportAsBrother;
      bool fastLoad;
      QFont fontStandard, fontMarks, fontComments, fontLists, fontClocks, fontConsole;
      QColor colorBackground;
      QString language;
      QString program_dir;

      //const char* getLanguage(); //{ return readEntry("LANG") == NULL ? getenv("LANG") : readEntry("LANG").latin1(); }
      QString getLanguage();
      const QStringList getAvailableLanguages();
      QString convertNumberToLanguage(int n);
      int convertLanguageCodeToNumber();
      QString getTranslationsDirectory();
      bool getNewVersionWarning();

      // help to destroy static elements of qGo()
      qGo *qgo;
      ClientWindow *cw;

      // application icon
      QPixmap image0;

#ifdef Q_WS_WIN
      QString getApplicationPath();

//#if (QT_VERSION < 0x030000)
//    QSortedList<Parameter> list;
      QPtrList<Parameter> list;

      QString settingHomeDir;


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