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 *   qgo_interface.h



#include "tables.h"
#include "defines.h"
#include "globals.h"
#include "gs_globals.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "setting.h"
#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qtimer.h>
#include <qptrlist.h>

// from qGo:
#include "qgo.h"
#include "mainwindow.h"
//#include "qgoclient_interface.h"


class Game;


class GameInfo
      GameInfo() {};
      ~GameInfo() {};
      // 15 Game 43 I: xxxx (4 223 16) vs yyyy (5 59 13)
      // 15 144(B): B12
      QString nr;
      QString type;
      QString wname;
      QString wprisoners;
      QString wtime;
      QString wstones;
      QString bname;
      QString bprisoners;
      QString btime;
      QString bstones;
      QString mv_col;   // T..Time, B..Black, W..White, I..Init
      QString mv_nr;
      QString mv_pt;


class qGoBoard : public QObject, public Misc<QString>

      qGoBoard(qGoIF*, qGo*);
      int get_id() const { return id; }
      void set_id(int i) { id = i; gd.gameNumber = i; }
      GameData get_gameData() { return gd; }
      void set_title(const QString&);
      bool get_haveTitle() { return haveTitle; }
      void set_komi(const QString&);
      void set_freegame(bool);
      bool get_havegd() { return have_gameData; }
      bool get_sentmovescmd() { return sent_movescmd; }
      void set_sentmovescmd(bool m) { sent_movescmd = m; }
      bool get_adj() { return adjourned; }
      QString get_bplayer() { return gd.playerBlack; }
      QString get_wplayer() { return gd.playerWhite; }
      void set_adj(bool a) { adjourned = a; }
      void set_game(Game *g);

      void set_Mode(int);
      GameMode get_Mode() { return gameMode; }
      void set_move(StoneColor, QString, QString);
      void send_kibitz(const QString);
      MainWindow *get_win() { return win; }
      void initGame() { win->getBoard()->initGame(&gd); }
      void setGameData() {win->getBoard()->setGameData(&gd); }
      void setMode() { win->getBoard()->setMode(gameMode); }
      void setTimerInfo(const QString&, const QString&, const QString&, const QString&);
      void timerEvent(QTimerEvent*);
      QString secToTime(int);
      void set_stopTimer();
      void set_runTimer();
      void set_gamePaused(bool p) { game_paused = p; }
      int get_boardsize() { return gd.size; }
      int get_mvcount() { return mv_counter; }
      void set_myColorIsBlack(bool b);
      bool get_myColorIsBlack() { return myColorIsBlack; }
      void set_requests(const QString &handicap, const QString &komi, assessType);
      void check_requests();
      QString get_reqKomi() { return req_komi; }
      QString get_currentKomi() { return QString::number(gd.komi); }
      void dec_mv_counter() { mv_counter--; }
      int get_mv_counter() { return mv_counter; }
      bool get_requests_set() { return requests_set; }
      qGo* get_qgo() { return qgo; }
      void set_gsName(GSName g) { gsName = g; }
      void addtime_b(int m);
      void addtime_w(int m);
      void set_myName(const QString &n) { myName = n; }
      void clearObserverList() { win->getListView_observers()->clear(); }
      void playComputer(StoneColor);

      // teaching features
      bool        ExtendedTeachingGame;
      bool        IamTeacher;
      bool        IamPupil;
      bool        havePupil;
      bool        haveControls;
      QString     ttOpponent;
      bool        mark_set;
      int         mark_counter;
      GameData    gd;

      // to qGoIF
//    void signal_closeevent(int);
      void signal_sendcommand(const QString&, bool);
      void signal_2passes(const QString&, const QString&);
public slots:
      // MainWindow
      void slot_closeevent();
      void slot_sendcomment(const QString&);

      // Board
      void slot_addStone(enum StoneColor, int, int);
      void slot_stoneComputer(enum StoneColor, int, int);    
      void slot_PassComputer(StoneColor c) ;                 
      void slot_UndoComputer(StoneColor c) ;                 
      void slot_DoneComputer() ;                 
      void slot_doPass();
      void slot_doResign();
      void slot_doUndo();
      void slot_doAdjourn();
      void slot_doDone();
      void slot_doRefresh();

      // normaltools
      void slot_addtimePauseW();
      void slot_addtimePauseB();

      // teachtools
      void slot_ttOpponentSelected(const QString&);
      void slot_ttControls(bool);
      void slot_ttMark(bool);

      bool        timer_running;
      bool        game_paused;
      bool        have_gameData;
      bool        sent_movescmd;
      bool        adjourned;
      bool        myColorIsBlack;
      bool        haveTitle;
      GameMode    gameMode;
      //GameData    gd;
      int         id;
      MainWindow  *win;
      qGo         *qgo;
      int         mv_counter;
      int           stated_mv_count ;
      bool            sound;
      int         bt_i, wt_i;
      QString     bt, wt;
      QString     b_stones, w_stones;
      QString     req_handicap;
      QString     req_komi;
      assessType  req_free;
      bool            requests_set;
      GSName      gsName;
      QString     myName;
  int         BY_timer;

      int chk_b, chk_w;


class qGoIF : public QObject

      bool set_observe(QString);
      void set_initIF();
      void set_myName(const QString &n) { myName = n; }
      qGo  *get_qgo() { return qgo; };
      void set_gsName(GSName n) { gsName = n; }
      void set_localboard(QString file=0);
      void set_localgame();
      void openPreferences(int tab=-1);
      QWidget *get_parent() { return parent; }
      void wrapupMatchGame(qGoBoard *, bool);

      void signal_sendcommand(const QString&, bool);
      void signal_addToObservationList(int);

public slots:
      // parser/mainwindow
      void slot_move(GameInfo*);
      void slot_move(Game*);
      void slot_computer_game(QNewGameDlg*);
      void slot_kibitz(int, const QString&, const QString&);
      void slot_title(const QString&);
      void slot_komi(const QString&, const QString&, bool);
      void slot_freegame(bool);
      void slot_matchcreate(const QString&, const QString&);
      void slot_removestones(const QString&, const QString&);
      void slot_undo(const QString&, const QString&);
      void slot_result(const QString&, const QString&, bool, const QString&);
      void slot_matchsettings(const QString&, const QString&, const QString&, assessType);
      void slot_requestDialog(const QString&, const QString&, const QString&, const QString&);
      void slot_timeAdded(int, bool);

      // qGoBoard
//    void slot_closeevent(int) {};
      void slot_closeevent();
      void slot_sendcommand(const QString&, bool);

      bool parse_move(int src, GameInfo* gi=0, Game* g=0, QString txt=0);

      qGo     *qgo;
      QWidget *parent;
      // actual pointer, for speedup reason
      qGoBoard *qgobrd;
      QString  myName;
      QList<qGoBoard> *boardlist;
      GSName   gsName;
      int      localBoardCounter;
//    int      lockObserveCmd;


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