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* mainwindow.h


#include "preferences.h"
#include "board.h"
#include "mainwidget.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "setting.h"
#include <qmainwindow.h>
#include <qaction.h>
#include <qlayout.h>
#include <qlistview.h>

class Board;
class InterfaceHandler;
class QSplitter;
class QMultiLineEdit;
class StatusTip;
class qGoIF;
class QNewGameDlg; //SL added eb 12

struct ASCII_Import;

class MainWindow : public QMainWindow, public Misc<QString>
      MainWindow(QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, WFlags f = WType_TopLevel);
      InterfaceHandler* getInterfaceHandler() const { return interfaceHandler; }
      Board* getBoard() const { return board; }
      void setApplicationStyle();
      bool preferencesAccept();
      void doOpen(const QString &fileName, const QString &filter=0, bool storedir=true);
      bool startComputerPlay(QNewGameDlg * dlg,const QString &fileName, const QString &filter, const QString &computer_path);
      int checkModified(bool interactive=true);
      void updateFont();
      static QString getFileExtension(const QString &fileName, bool defaultExt=true);
      void doScore(bool toggle) { mainWidget->doScore(toggle); }
      void doRealScore(bool toggle) { mainWidget->doRealScore(toggle); }
      MainWidget *getMainWidget() { return mainWidget; }
      bool reStoreWindowSize(QString, bool);
      bool preferencesSave(PreferencesDialog*);
      void updateBoard();
      void addObserver(const QString &name);
      void clearObserver() { ListView_observers->clear(); }
      QListView *getListView_observers() { return ListView_observers; }
      void updateObserverCnt();
      void setParent(qGoIF *w) { parent_ = w; }
      qGoIF *getParent() { return parent_; }
      void dlgSetPreferences(int tab=-1);
      QAction *get_fileQuit() { return fileQuit; }
      QAction *get_fileClose() { return fileClose; }
      int blackPlayerType, whitePlayerType ;
      bool doSave(QString fileName, bool force=false);

      void initActions();
      void initMenuBar();
      void initToolBar();
      void initStatusBar();
      void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e);
      void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *e);
//    bool doSave(QString fileName, bool force=false);
      void rememberLastDir(const QString &file);
//  bool eventFilter( QObject *obj, QEvent *ev ); //SL added eb 11
      void signal_closeevent();
public slots:
      void slotFileNewBoard();
      void slotFileNewGame();
      void slotFileOpen();
      bool slotFileSave();
      void slotFileClose();
      bool slotFileSaveAs();
      void slotFileImportASCII();
      void slotFileImportASCIIClipB();
      void slotFileExportASCII();
      void slotFileImportSgfClipB();
      void slotFileExportSgfClipB();
      void slotFileExportPic();
      void slotFileExportPicClipB();
      void slotEditCut();
      void slotEditPaste();
      void slotEditPasteBrother();
      void slotEditDelete();
      void slotEditNumberMoves();
      void slotEditMarkBrothers();
      void slotEditMarkSons();
      void slotNavBackward();
      void slotNavForward();
      void slotNavFirst();
      void slotNavLast();
      void slotNavLastByTime();
      void slotNavNextVar();
      void slotNavPrevVar();
      void slotNavNextComment();      //added
      void slotNavPrevComment();      //end add
      void slotNavIntersection(); //SL added eb 11
      void slotNavMainBranch();
      void slotNavStartVar();
      void slotNavNextBranch();
      void slotNavNthMove();
      void slotNavAutoplay(bool toggle);
      void slotNavEmptyBranch();
      void slotNavCloneNode();
      void slotNavSwapVariations();
      void slotSetPreferences();
      void slotSetGameInfo();
      void slotViewFileBar(bool toggle);
      void slotViewToolBar(bool toggle);
      void slotViewEditBar(bool toggle);
      void slotViewMenuBar(bool toggle);
      void slotViewStatusBar(bool toggle);
      void slotViewCoords(bool toggle);
      void slotViewSlider(bool toggle);
      void slotViewLeftSidebar();
      void slotViewSidebar(bool toggle);
      void slotViewComment(bool toggle);
      void slotViewVertComment(bool toggle);
      void slotViewPinComment(bool toggle);
      void slotViewIncreaseSize();
      void slotViewDecreaseSize();
      void slotViewSaveSize();
      void slotViewFullscreen(bool toggle);
      void slotHelpManual();
      void slotHelpSoundInfo();
      void slotHelpAbout();
      void slotHelpAboutQt();
      void slotToggleMarks();
      void slotTimerForward();
      void slot_editBoardInNewWindow();
      void slot_animateClick();

      qGoIF *parent_;
      Board *board;
      InterfaceHandler *interfaceHandler;
      MainWidget *mainWidget;
  QString style;
      //    HelpViewer *helpViewer;
      StatusTip *statusTip;
      QLabel *statusMode, *statusTurn, *statusMark, *statusNav;
      QSplitter *splitter, *splitter_comment;
//    QMultiLineEdit *commentEdit;
      QTextEdit *commentEdit;
      QLineEdit *commentEdit2;
      QListView *ListView_observers;
      QToolBar *fileBar, *toolBar, *editBar;
      QPopupMenu *fileMenu, *importExportMenu, *editMenu, *navMenu, *settingsMenu, *viewMenu, *helpMenu;
      QAction *escapeFocus, *toggleEdit, *toggleMarks;
      QAction *fileNewBoard,*fileNew, *fileOpen, *fileSave, *fileSaveAs, *fileClose,
            *fileImportASCII, *fileImportASCIIClipB,*fileExportASCII,
            *fileImportSgfClipB, *fileExportSgfClipB,
            *fileExportPic, *fileExportPicClipB,
      QAction *editCut, *editPaste, *editPasteBrother, *editDelete, *editNumberMoves, *editMarkBrothers,
      QAction *navBackward, *navForward, *navFirst, *navLast, *navNextVar, *navPrevVar,
            *navMainBranch, *navStartVar, *navNextBranch, *navNthMove, *navAutoplay, *navEmptyBranch,
            *navCloneNode, *navSwapVariations, *navNextComment, *navPrevComment, *navIntersection ;       //SL added eb 11                               // added eb the 2 last
      QAction *setPreferences, *setGameInfo;
      QAction *viewFileBar, *viewToolBar, *viewEditBar, *viewMenuBar, *viewStatusBar, *viewCoords,
            *viewSlider, *viewSidebar, *viewComment, *viewVertComment, *viewPinComment, *viewIncreaseSize,
            *viewDecreaseSize, *viewSaveSize, *viewFullscreen;
      QAction *helpManual, *helpSoundInfo, *helpAboutApp, *helpAboutQt;
      QTimer *timer;
      float timerIntervals[6];
      bool isFullScreen;

      QGridLayout *mainWidgetGuiLayout;


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