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QGtp Class Reference

#include <qgtp.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

PALM Thomas , DINTILHAC Florian, HIVERT Anthony, PIOC Sebastien

Definition at line 34 of file qgtp.h.

Public Slots

void slot_processExited ()
void slot_readFromStdout ()

Public Member Functions

int allLegal (QString color)
int attack (char c, int j)
int captures (QString color)
int clearBoard ()
int combinationAttack (QString color)
int countlib (char c, int j)
int debugInfluence (QString color, QString list)
int debugMoveInfluence (QString color, char c, int i, QString list)
int decreaseDepths ()
int defend (char c, int j)
int dragonData (char c, int i)
int dragonData ()
int dragonStatus (char c, int j)
int dumpStack ()
int echo (QString param)
int estimateScore ()
int evalEye (char c, int j)
void fflush (char *s)
int finalScore (int seed=0)
int finalStatus (char c, int i, int seed=0)
int finalStatusList (QString status, int seed=0)
int findlib (char c, int j)
int fixedHandicap (int handicap)
int genmove (QString color, int seed=0)
int genmoveBlack ()
int genmoveWhite ()
QString getLastMessage ()
int getLifeNodeCounter ()
int getOwlNodeCounter ()
int getReadingNodeCounter ()
int getTrymoveCounter ()
int help ()
int increaseDepths ()
int influence (QString color)
int isLegal (QString color, char c, int j)
int knownCommand (QString s)
int loadsgf (QString filename, int movNumber=0, char c='A', int i=0)
int moveInfluence (QString color, char c, int i)
int name ()
int newScore ()
int openGtpSession (QString filename, int size, float komi, int handicap, int level)
int owlAttack (char c, int j)
int owlDefend (char c, int j)
int playblack (char c, int j)
int playblackPass ()
int playwhite (char c, int j)
int playwhitePass ()
int popgo ()
int protocolVersion ()
int queryBoardsize ()
int quit ()
int reportUncertainty (QString s)
int resetLifeNodeCounter ()
int resetOwlNodeCounter ()
int resetReadingNodeCounter ()
int resetTrymoveCounter ()
int sameDragon (char c1, int i1, char c2, int i2)
int setBoardsize (int size)
int setKomi (float k)
int setLevel (int level)
int shell (QString s)
int showboard ()
int topMovesBlack ()
int topMovesWhite ()
int trymove (QString color, char c, int j)
int tuneMoveOrdering (int MOVE_ORDERING_PARAMETERS)
int undo (int i=1)
int version ()
int whatColor (char c, int j)
int wormCutstone (char c, int i)
int wormData (char c, int i)
int wormData ()
int wormStones ()

Public Attributes

QProcess * programProcess

Private Member Functions

int waitResponse ()
int waitResponseOld ()

Private Attributes

int _cpt
FILE * _inFile
char * _outFile
QString _response
char * outFile

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