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 * board.h

#ifndef BOARD_H
#define BOARD_H

#include "defines.h"
#include "setting.h"
#include "boardhandler.h"
#include "stone.h"
#include "move.h"
#include <qcanvas.h>
#include <qdatetime.h>

class ImageHandler;
class Mark;
class Tip;
class InterfaceHandler;
class GameData;
class NodeResults;
class QNewGameDlg;

class Board : public QCanvasView

      Board(QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, QCanvas* c=0);
      void clearData();
      void initGame(GameData *d, bool sgf=false);
      void setModified(bool m=true);
      void updateCaption();
      ImageHandler* getImageHandler() { return imageHandler; }
      BoardHandler* getBoardHandler() { return boardHandler; }
      InterfaceHandler* getInterfaceHandler();
      Stone* addStoneSprite(StoneColor c, int x, int y, bool &shown);
      void updateCanvas() { canvas->update(); }
      void increaseSize();
      void decreaseSize();
      QString getCandidateFileName();
      void hideAllStones();
      void hideAllMarks();
      bool openSGF(const QString &fileName, const QString &filter=0);
      bool saveBoard(const QString &fileName) { return boardHandler->saveBoard(fileName); }
      void setShowCoords(bool b);
      void setShowSGFCoords(bool b);
      void setShowCursor(bool b);
      void setVariationDisplay(VariationDisplay d);
      void setMode(GameMode mode) { boardHandler->setMode(mode); }
      void addStone(StoneColor sc, int x, int y, bool sound = 0) { boardHandler->addStone(sc, x, y, sound); }
      void setHandicap(int h) { boardHandler->setHandicap(h); }
      GameMode getGameMode() { return boardHandler->getGameMode(); }
      void setMarkType(MarkType t) { boardHandler->setMarkType(t); }
      MarkType getMarkType() const { return boardHandler->getMarkType(); }
      void setMark(int x, int y, MarkType t, bool update=true, QString txt=0, bool overlay=true);
      void removeMark(int x, int y, bool update=true);
      void setMarkText(int x, int y, const QString &txt);
      Mark* hasMark(int x, int y);
      void updateLastMove(StoneColor c, int x, int y);
      void setCurStoneColor();
      void removeLastMoveMark();
      void checkLastMoveMark(int x, int y);
      bool nextMove(bool autoplay=false) { return boardHandler->nextMove(autoplay); }
      void previousMove() { boardHandler->previousMove(); }
      void nextVariation() { boardHandler->nextVariation(); }
      void previousVariation() { boardHandler->previousVariation(); }
      void nextComment() { boardHandler->nextComment(); }                    //added eb
      void previousComment() { boardHandler->previousComment(); }            //end add
      void gotoFirstMove() { boardHandler->gotoFirstMove(); }
      void gotoLastMove() { boardHandler->gotoLastMove(); }
      void gotoLastMoveByTime() { boardHandler->gotoLastMoveByTime(); }
      void gotoMainBranch() { boardHandler->gotoMainBranch(); }
      void gotoVarStart() { boardHandler->gotoVarStart(); }
      void gotoNextBranch() { boardHandler->gotoNextBranch(); }
      void gotoNthMove(int n) { boardHandler->gotoNthMove(n); }
      void gotoNthMoveInVar(int n) { boardHandler->gotoNthMoveInVar(n); }
      void navIntersection();
      void cutNode() { boardHandler->cutNode(); }
      void pasteNode(bool brother=false) { boardHandler->pasteNode(brother); }
      void deleteNode() { boardHandler->deleteNode(); }
      void clearNode() { boardHandler->clearNode(); }
      void duplicateNode() { boardHandler->duplicateNode(); }
      bool swapVariations() { return boardHandler->swapVariations(); }
      void doPass();
      void doSinglePass() { boardHandler->doPass(); }
      void doAdjourn() { emit signal_adjourn(); }
      void doUndo() { emit signal_undo(); }
      void doResign();// { emit signal_resign(); }
      void doRefresh() { emit signal_refresh(); }
      void doEditBoardInNewWindow() { emit signal_editBoardInNewWindow(); }
      void setVarGhost(StoneColor c, int x, int y);
      bool hasVarGhost(StoneColor c, int x, int y);
      void removeGhosts();
      short getCurrentX() const { return curX; }
      short getCurrentY() const { return curY; }
      int getCurrentMoveNumber() const;
      GameData* getGameData() { return boardHandler->getGameData(); }
      void setGameData(GameData *gd) { boardHandler->setGameData(gd); }
      void exportPicture(const QString &fileName, const QString &filter, bool toClipboard=false);
      void exportASCII() { boardHandler->exportASCII(); }
      bool importASCII(const QString &fileName, bool fromClipboard=false)
            { return boardHandler->importASCII(fileName, fromClipboard); }
      bool importSGFClipboard() { return boardHandler->importSGFClipboard(); }
      bool exportSGFtoClipB() { return boardHandler->exportSGFtoClipB(); }
      void countScore();
      void doCountDone();
      void numberMoves() { boardHandler->numberMoves(); }
      void markVariations(bool sons) { boardHandler->markVariations(sons); }
      void setBoardSize(int s) { board_size = s; }
      int getBoardSize() const { return board_size; }
#ifndef NO_DEBUG
      void debug();
      bool fastLoad, isModified, lockResize; 
      void sendcomment(const QString &text) { emit signal_sendcomment(text); }

      // in case of match
      void set_myColorIsBlack(bool b) { myColorIsBlack = b; }
      bool get_myColorIsBlack() { return myColorIsBlack; }
      void set_isLocalGame(bool isLocal);
      bool get_isLocalGame() { return isLocalGame; }
      void refreshDisplay() { Move *m = boardHandler->getTree()->getCurrent(); updateLastMove(m->getColor(), m->getX(), m->getY()); }
      bool startComputerPlay(QNewGameDlg *dlg,const QString &fileName, const QString &filter, const QString &computer_path);
      void set_antiClicko(bool b) { antiClicko = b; }
public slots:
      void updateComment();
      void updateComment2();
      void modifiedComment();
      void changeSize();
      void gotoMove(Move *m) { boardHandler->gotoMove(m); }
      void coordsChanged(int, int, int,bool);
      void signal_sendcomment(const QString&);
      void signal_addStone(enum StoneColor, int, int);
      void signal_Stone_Computer(enum StoneColor, int, int);
      void signal_undo();
      void signal_adjourn();
      void signal_resign();
      void signal_pass();
      void signal_done();
      void signal_refresh();
      void signal_editBoardInNewWindow();

      void calculateSize();
      void drawBackground();
      void drawGatter();
      void drawCoordinates();
      void drawStarPoint(int x, int y);
      void resizeBoard(int w, int h);
      int convertCoordsToPoint(int c, int o);
      void contentsMousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
      void contentsMouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent*);
      void contentsMouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
      void contentsWheelEvent(QWheelEvent *e);
      void leaveEvent(QEvent*);
      void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent*);
      void updateMarkColor(StoneColor c, int x, int y);

      QCanvas *canvas;
      ImageHandler *imageHandler;
      BoardHandler *boardHandler;
      int board_size, offset, offsetX, offsetY, square_size, board_pixel_size;
      bool showCoords;
      bool showSGFCoords;
      bool showCursor;
      bool antiClicko;
      QList<Mark> *marks;
      QList<Stone> *ghosts;
      Mark *lastMoveMark;
      bool numberPool[400];
      bool letterPool[52];
      Stone *curStone;
//    Tip *coordsTip;
      short curX, curY;
      QTime wheelTime;
      ButtonState mouseState;
      NodeResults *nodeResultsDlg;

#ifdef Q_WS_WIN
      bool resizeDelayFlag;

      // in case of match
      bool myColorIsBlack;
      bool isLocalGame;
      bool navIntersectionStatus;


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